International Funding Partner: Better For Property Buyers


In India with the coming generation, everything is moving towards the path of development and making a new move in the field of development. Along with educational system, societal fields, real estate market has also seen a massive growth in international funds that is better for the property buyers.

India’s eighth largest and Maharashtra’s second largest metropolitan city Pune is one of the prime locations for the real estate properties. The developers & promoters understood this huge demand well and acquired mammoth land parcels.

Finance is a KEY to DELIVERY:

These huge tasks for developers to deliver on time, with little support of booking amounts & margin money provided by buyers can sometimes trap developers into situation of “ Chicken first OR Egg First” . means he won’t be able to finish the property in time unless there’s money paid by buyers …where as many times buyers payment is not sufficient to complete the work. Hence developer would look forward to construction finance which comes at heavy EMI to the developer. Or Funding partner which makes his life EASY!

The Massive Spread of Property Partner Funding

The emergence of partnership funding has witnessed a tremendous growth in real estate market. This growth is commendable for the property buyers or investors. It influences other buyers also to sell their shares in partnership and taking respective profits time to time without making any hassles. There are so many websites that are offering such opportunities for making funds and gaining future benefits. Moreover, In this partnership as many people or investors can contribute as per their choice. In which investors can invest as much or as the little amount they wish to share and in return can earn a profit.

Some major funding partners operating in PUNE successfully over last decade:-

  1. ICICI Ventures
  2. Portman Holdings
  3. Avenue Venture Partners
  4. Yatra capital
  5. Saffron capital
  6. IL&FS
  7. ASK funds
  8. Piramal funding
  9. Pegausus funds
  10. Flagship Funds
  11. Matrix Funds – Pacifica group companies
  12. ascendas funds management ltd
  13. Blackstone funds
  14. Kaarvy

For buyers, this plays not only a CONFIDENCE giving a parameter, but it also acts as a catalyst in their decision making.

The developer has to complete the project since these funds come with its own deadline and control mechanism to get them exit with profit with stipulated time limits.