***Propbuying now an of ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company***


Welcome to Propbuying

We are a set of highly qualified experts in real estate industry with a mission to make property-dealing a delightful, personal and smooth experience as it’s meant to be. Propbuying is property-dealing rethought, redesigned and reinvented. Propbuying is realty simplified!

Propbuying Vision

Propbuying was started in 2013 with a vision to change the way this real estate industry operates. We believe in adopting change – change for good, our vision is to make complicated things simple by providing end-to-end hassle free top-class service to our clients by integrating technology, trust & transparency in the field of promotion & sale of properties.

We understand the requirements of today’s homebuyers hence we work towards solving their problems, by working with only reputed and premium developers, upcoming properties, use unconventional means of promoting and communicating to the customers by the latest technology and use of digital media.

Fortunately, the industry has welcomed us with open arm & within no time we got associated with all the top promoters of the city. Today, Propbuying offers a number of property-based services including sales, residential development services, new home sales, lettings, financial services, property investments, valuation, property management, corporate home search and tenancy management.

Awards & Achievements

We believe in putting our mind, soul and body to accomplish the smallest of  promotion/ sales campaigns & proved with results such as:-

“Top Online LEAD generator for more than 20 developers”

“Best Sellers at out of Pune at Sales activities in western Maharashtra”

“Best Performers at Single Developer Exhibitions”

“Premium Property Sellers”

Soon the Market dynamics changed…..the pre-launch offers stop appealing! property buyers switched their requirement to READY homes.

We understood the wave & adapted with the same started the RTMIF campaign “Ready To Move In Festival” – www.propbuying.com/ready” brought innovative offers to the table & which again got a huge response.

The Hurdles the we faced –

1) People think that Online is a myth, operating as an Agency or broker is easy

2) Property selling will have geographical barriers, one can’t be the master of all

3) Approach of selling everything under the sun

4) Myth that one can do everything, Sale, Resale, Rent, Residential, Commercial, Lands

5) Lead generation, qualification, tracking to developers & post sales service- entire process is difficult to observe for volume of enquiries.

New Ventures

By applying proper thought process and working strategically we overcame these hurdles, now Propbuying has the answer to them all. We have narrowed down our focus to what we are BEST at, adopted a strategy of One At A TIME, developed our own customised CRM which cater to thousands of enquiries monthly, device oriented Email and  Sms solutions.

***Propbuying now an of ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company***

We are now a Private Limited firm with ISO rating & soon be rated by CRISIL as well. In the next financial year we will be venturing into plot buying- in the field of plots, proploan- in the field of mortgages, one through- in the field of realty consultants, techno estate – in the field of technology in real estate.

With this prestigious certification, our customers can be rest assured and confident to work with a company, providing quality in services that has been internationally recognized. Important components of ISO 9001:2008 include customer satisfaction, providing end-to-end services, Managing Sales & Marketing, Conducting Digital Campaigns, arranging exclusive road shows, carry out market research for real estate developers, managing real estate portfolio for high net worth individuals and establishing processes for continuous improvement, things that Propbuying values highly. This certification represents our commitment to set up strategic alliances with customers and developers, always seeking win-win relationships to benefit our customers.