Ready Is Steady – Real Estate Housing!


Housing is a major problem, a place to survive in this fast growing population. As far as a place to shed, dwelling to reside, in general where livelihood is settled. Many of such shortcomings now find a proper destination suitable to perfectness and a course to build an ascent. In search of structural accommodation and compatibility, people are fashioned to call for builder and agents. Now a solution to your overall home budget burden, location preference, and convenience set, commute pattern is to buy a house with one’s preferences needs to be well defined.

Why Housing?

Many at times we find lesser pay hike charge, which becomes hard to cope up with and adjust at unfortunate times. Not sure or ready to make a homely environment, they challenge to bind with home making activities. The result is that they get exhausted. Bill overtakes month salary and danger to root expenditure near future. The major disadvantage in renting a house is that we commonly not feel or call it ours. At plentiful situation, the owner takes provoking issues. Apart from this, the amenities may be not up to comfort like electricity, water supply, extra billing and more, which causes much displeasure.

Asset Creation?

With changing family patterns & demographics, younger people, working couples are getting a good amount of disposable income in hand. Many of them consider this real estate investment as just another collateral, where one can expect huge amount in just 60 days of sale.

Need of up gradation?

People start from smallest possible real estate investment for their own, but eventually as they grow in their life. The family size, the taste, standard of living changes. Hence they strive for bigger & better space to stay a healthy/comfortable life. At this point of time, they sell the existing one & have to shift to the ready Upgraded New Home.

To this route, we can define a new agenda where there are good developments by reputed developers, who are known for their commitments for years. One can think of their ready homes even in developing or under developing areas. A benefit, ready to move in home, is a safer investment having no surprises involved.

Problems for Non-Owners to Housing

Home buyers face problems when not owning one. When they look around for it, even the challenge is when you find a house under construction stage. Not yet built, you have to start with the loss of rentals. Even when builders have their short issues for not completing the construction in time, nor have the assurance to quality or reputation. Even delivering the type of amenities as expected from brochures is not in scenic. We even see unauthorised builders find possessions and cause disputes over land. There is a time when you face EMI loss, an over disaster mending to your emotions.

Choice to Make –

  • Under construction Property & Developing Location = Win –win situation
  • Under Construction Property & Developed Location = Safer investment
  • Developed Property & Developing Location = inconvenience for some time
  • Developed Property & Developed Location = need to pay premium prices

Window of opportunity-

Only reputed developers who are delivering since last 2-3 decades, know how to tackle this situation of fund crunch. Hence they keep on building it irrespective of sales number achieved. This gains buyer confidence & sales velocity increase. Which makes lesser available options for late comers.

Ready project by reputed developer = limited availability of good options.

Hence one has to grab the best property in a small window of opportunity which is available.

This also has some added benefits Such as tax benefits and other like a principal repayment, no service tax& vat is all that gives an additional advantage to choose this scope.

Recently Pune Realty Market has seen steep demand for ready to move in properties. Which rose by nearly 40%. So if your requirement is ready to home then you need to hurry up, because next big ready inventory stock of reputed, grade A developer is available only after 2018.