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Kumar Properties Construction and Biotechnology ESTABLISHED IN 1966 TOTAL PROJECTS 2 Kumar Properties forayed into the luxury urban space segment in early 2007, with the launch of ‘Privie Residences’, a distinguished portfolio of luxury residence projects. Spearheading a new phase for Kumar Properties, the Privie Portfolio offers a realm of luxury communes designed for the select few, who are discerning, insightful, and value free uninhibited living spaces. A meticulous approach to design, high quality architecture, strong project execution and attention to detail, form the core values that underpin Privie Residences brand proposition. The ‘Privie’ ethos is inspired by the conviction that Luxury and Privacy are inextricably connected. Infact ‘Privacy’ undoubtedly has come to represent the most compelling facet of our interpretation of luxury today. Without privacy, even the most elaborate and impeccably executed living space acquires an almost pedestrian undertone. Privie as the name suggests, reflects a realm of luxury residences Inspired by the belief that, ‘Privacy is the highest form of luxury’, all Privie homes are strategically located, maintaining some of the highest land values in Pune.


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